Winning Strategy


The winning strategy is a strategy that aims to improve the winning rate by adjusting the bet amount.

There are many winning strategies in the world but we put useful ones together into a table. Generally strategy has three type : Aggressive, Protective and Balance. 


 If you have interest in any strategies, please read each detailed article.

 Good Luck.


7 Winning Strategies

 Name  Feature  Type
 Martingale  Double bet until you win!  Balance
 Grand Martingale  Applied version of the Martingale   Balance
 Anti – Martingale   If you win double bet!  Aggressive
 2 in 1 Method  Get back two losses at once  Defensive
 Goodman Method  Secure profits with minimal risk  Defensive
 1 -3 – 2 – 6 Method  Reduce risks and secure profits  Defensive
 Monte Carlo Method  The Legendary Cheats  Defensive