Monte Carlo Method



1. Features and use of Monte Carlo method



It’s not a strategy of winning once and getting back the previous losses.However, because it is a very theoretical investment method, even if you continue to lose, the bet does not swell significantly.

It works when used with roulettes with a payout of 3 times or more.


However, bettors are special, so be prepared to practice using paper and pens if you are not used to it.



・ First, write [123] on paper.





・ Bet 4 with the numbers on both ends (1 on the left and 3 on the right)








・If you lose it, put the number 4 you just bet on the right and say [1234].






・ The next bet is 1 + 4 and it will be 5.










・ If you win, erase the two at both ends.

・ Repeating this, if all the numbers are missing or only one is the success of Monte Carlo.

3. How to use 3 times Monte Carlo method


 A strategy that is said to have caused a bankruptcy casino in Monaco, Monte Carlo, to be a strategy that is effective when the dividend is tripled.



When you win in the game [Roulette] with triple payout, you erase two from each end.






In this way, when the numbers in the sequence go down to one or not, the total so far is always positive.

4. How to use 2x Monte Carlo method

  • Baccarat, blackjack, roulette compatible
  • The game of payout twice will be erased one by one from both ends.
  • In the case of a payout double game, one cycle may end as soon as profits are made.




4. Attention point of Monte Carlo method

The Monte Carlo method itself is a perfection, but the losses from successive defeats can not be recovered with a single win.

* Confirmation of the MAX bet is significant!


5. Summary of Monte Carlo method



  • Valid for payments that are more than tripled (for example, roulette)
  • Write on paper and practice because the betting method is special
  • Even if you lose continuously, your bet doesn’t grow big. Low risk



If you look in total, you will always get a profit, that is unbelievable.

The another name “Casino Killer” is somehow true.






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